LOVE # 3 Launched!

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LOVE # 3 Launched!

Post  ebellefemme on Thu May 20, 2010 1:14 am

Love #3 LAUNCHED!!

Dear girls,
Should you be interested in any items, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will get back to you asap!
Do remember to take a look at our Terms & Conditions!




navy blue

bow over my stripes

creamy grey, navy blue, black

gorgeous ribbon is attached to dress
elastic band to ensure better curves
very stretchable elastic band
zip at the back
you will look adorable!

PTP 19.5" LENGTH 28"

with normal mail $26
with registered mail $28.24

Chained over you

with detachable necklace
shoulders are padded
comfy material (:
very chic piece!
be the epitome of gorgeousness at any party!

PTP 15"-16.5"" LENGTH 29.5"

with normal mail $26
with registered mail $28.24

check-meet my shirtdress

with complimentary thin brown belt
goes well with thick belt as well!
pull it up and it'll become a top!

PTP 19.5" LENGTH 34"

with normal mail $24
with registered mail $26.24

navy blue



navy blue, black

Comes with a complimentary belt
everyone can pull this piece off easily
wear this to any occasion!
dress or top? it's your choice!

PTP 16.5-18.5" LENGTH 30"

with normal mail $24
with registered mail $26.24





white, grey, black

simple yet sophisticated
belt and necklace are not included
elegance personified

PTP 22" LENGTH 31"

with normal mail $26
with registered mail $28.24




Summer Knit

silvery white, silvery black, silvery grey

good quality fabric
right side is longer than the left to have surprises between the buttons
treated to give a weathered appearance
variations and nuances of shading give this piece its own personality
inner piece not included

PTP 19" LENGTH 29"

with normal mail $27
with registered mail $29.24

Model: Qinyu, UK 8, 170cm
Photographer: Calab Lim Dao Han (:

With love,


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