LOVE # 2 Launched

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LOVE # 2 Launched

Post  ebellefemme on Wed May 12, 2010 2:02 am

Love #2 LAUNCHED!!

Dear girls,
Should you be interested in any items, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will get back to you asap!
Do remember to take a look at our Terms & Conditions!




I stole my BF's shirt

Versatile BF shirtdress
Slightly sheer, inner tank advised
Made of thin and cooling material
Features bib-front, pinstripes
Buttons on sleeves and back for better fit!

belt is not included

PTP 18.5" LENGTH 32"



Little brown checkered hood

Checkered Hooded BF shirtdress
Features slightly rounded hem and tieback.
Small pocket at the front.
Spice up your boring everyday outfits with a hoodie!

inner tank top not included

PTP 20" LENGTH 33"






Look Ma, my corset!

in white / grey

Corset printed tee
Features laces at both the front and back
Blings in front as buttons
Ribbon at the back for more realistic corset feel
Show them what you've got babe!

PTP 15-16" LENGTH 26.5"





Red- all pending

my dress is striped!

black and grey - available
red - all pending

Striped runched tunic
Comes with a complimentary ribbon belt as shown
elegant, pretty and at the same time, adorable (:
Hitch it up as a top for casual days!
we love this piece!

PTP 17-20" LENGTH 26.5"



Navy blue



The nautical tunic

in Navy/black

Nautical striped tunic complete with a bandage bottom
Different orientation of stripes enhances your curves!
Wear it as a dress / tunic / top!

Necklace is not included

PTP 17.5-20" LENGTH 28"



My mama's weaved belt

last piece

Vintage braided belt made of quality leather (hence the price)
Intricately carved designs on the belt
Match it with everything! Dresses, jeans, younameit.

length 42.5" buckle 3.5"
you can choose to buckle it tight or loose. there will be no restriction at all!
you can do it anywhere along the weaved pattern!



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